We're a team of number-savvy unicorns armed with calculators and glittery spreadsheets.

We're here to rescue you from the torment of tangled finances, so you can focus on living your entrepreneurial heart out πŸ’—

​Our team specializes in serving beauty industry businesses across the US (and some service based-only businesses).

We work our magic to tame the wildest financial messes known to humankind.

From unruly receipts to tax nightmares, our enchanting bookkeeping services ensure that your books are squeaky clean and your financial statements shine brighter than a disco ball. We handle it all – so you don't have to! πŸ’ƒπŸ’°


Tidy & Accurate Books

Say goodbye to financial clutter & hello to immaculate books!


Maximizing Write-Offs

= Saving Money

We review everything to ensure you're capturing all the write-offs you can!


More Hours in the Day

Saves you time & stress all year around- not only tax time!

... plus a cool new financial BFF πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

Judgement free zone! We've seen it ALL- trust me.


We take security very seriously. We're invested in keeping our client's data safe with ControlAltProtect.

Thank you, ControlAltProtect team!

We are QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors! What this means is that we are experts at QuickBooks and take an annual exam to ensure we are staying up to date with the latest features & technology within the software.

We are HUGE fans of Profit First (even though we are not certified Profit First professionals) but encourage all of our clients to read the book. With that being said, we are partnered with Relay bank who is the official Profit First bank. We're obsessed & use them for our own firm's banking!

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